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NSCAN is a voluntary association of individuals who have spent their careers working in Nova Scotia's culture sector.

NSCAN engages in research and advocacy in support of broadbased cultural development.

NSCAN is an informal and independent leadership organization with no ties to government or any other culture sector organization.

All NSCAN research is self-generated and self-financed.

Over the past five years, NSCAN has produced a groundbreaking series of forward looking documents that can serve as a rallying point and a road map for Nova Scotia's culture sector:

What To Look Out For When Selecting Apartments For Rent In Edmonton

The one dilemma that every person has to face is looking for that one apartment that fits their needs. Today, there are hundreds of apartment rental in ApartmentLove.com blocks available to residents at a particular price. To entice people, property developers and managers have incorporated attractive features for examples heated swimming pools, CCTV camera system for security and others.

Edmonton is a great place to live thanks to the conducive environment that offers residents great scenery and job opportunities. Since it can be overwhelming when it comes to searching for a suitable apartment rental in Edmonton, here are factors to look out for and make your search easier.

  1. Neighborhood

Ever heard of the phrase that location is everything. Today, you can have the greatest view, the largest apartment and even a pet friendly policy but if the neighborhood lacks some amenities, it’s not attractive. As a resident, it’s always great to find a place where you can unwind either after work or during the weekend. This calls for a great pub.

Every morning, a cup of Joe helps to beat the daily cold and give your body that extra energy boost that is required to face the daily tasks. Without a great coffee place close by to your apartment, then your life will be in disarray. Yes, you can buy your own coffee maker but honestly, who has the time to wake up and begin the process of coffee making. Furthermore, at a coffee place, you have the option of selecting some tasty baked goods.

  1. Direction of the sun rays

The sun is one of the most important sources of energy. Not only does it help in the provision of power especially when you have installed solar panels, it helps to provide the much needed Vitamin D to the body. If you are working the night shift hours, then the sun is a major consideration when searching for apartment rental in Edmonton.

Where is the bedroom window facing? If the rays of the sun shine through your bedroom window few minutes after going to bed, you will not get the much needed sleep after working the night shift. It is important when selecting the best apartment to rent to look for one where less light streams into the bedroom especially during the day. This means, your bedroom window should either be facing North or South.

  1. Security

Today, insecurity comes in various forms. You can be mugged on the street or thieves can break or pick the locks to steal your stuff. The best rental apartment in Edmonton should have locks especially on sliding glass doors. The locks should not be easily broken or picked. One way of securing the glass door is using a reinforcement rod fitted into the track.

You should also ask yourself how easy it is for intruders to access the common areas of the building. You need to know if keys are provided to allow access to the parking garage, recreational area or laundry area. Is the CCTV system working and recording all activities? Terrorism has become a serious threat and it wise to ensure you are well protected in the apartment.

  1. Fire safety

Is the apartment building fitted with enough fire exits? Are there fire extinguishers or alarms installed in homes and corridors to provide an early warning in case of a fire? As the renter, it is wise to avoid poorly fitted apartments especially when it comes to fire safety. Lack of efficient warning systems could leave you with little time to escape.

Ensure that the apartment has smoke detectors in the hallways and kitchen. Alternative exits should be available to prevent accidents.

Final Thoughts

In order to accommodate the growing population in Edmonton, new apartment blocks are sprouting up. As a resident, it is important not to rent an apartment before going through a checklist. Things you need to factor in before renting include fire safety, the neighborhood, security and the sun’s rays. Are you in search of an apartment to rent in Edmonton? Why not seek the help of real estate professionals.

Our goal is to find common ground and a common voice for Nova Scotia's culture sector.